How to apply for SAGTA membership

Printable Form

Online Form

Members are not allowed to share their login details. An individual membership allows only one person access to the website. An academic institutional membership allows only the staff members registered with SAGTA access to the website. Please note that membership will be deactivated if details are shared with unauthorised individuals.

Annual membership pricing

Individual Retired teachers Student teachers Corporate Institutional Membership
R400 R200 R200 R1 900
We accept EFT, read more by clicking on either the printable form or the online form above.

Difference between an individual membership and an institutional membership:

An individual membership is associated with a single person and an institutional membership is associated with a school.

Up to 6 staff members can register on a single institutional membership.

If a staff member leaves a school and they have an individual membership, they take the membership with them. If a staff member leaves a school and they have an institutional membership, then the membership can be re-allocated to a new staff member.